Vero Beach Polo Title Sponsor

851 315 BG Equestrian Vero Beach
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Thank you BG Capital Group & Bobby Genovese for your support as our 2016 Polo Season Title Sponsor!

Established in 1996, BG Capital Group hosts a private equity division, an asset consolidator and strategic partnership company, as well as a real estate investment trust.

BG Capital Group, Ltd. specializes in small to mid-cap clients with over 20 years of investment experience as in-depth marketing expertise and a track record of successfully identifying promising new enterprises; our approach to each investment opportunity is simple: while we investigate opportunities within virtually every sector of the North American economy, we focus on companies which are cash flow positive, have annual revenues of $15 to $50 million and enterprises values of above $25 million. Each company must also have a solid management team with a history of proven success. BG Capital Group Ltd. is involved in public companies, both as a lender and as an investor. More info at