Dear Vero Beach Polo Friends

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Dear Vero Beach Polo Friends,

We are truly grateful for the loyal patronage and support of our tailgaters and polo enthusiasts.
After months of hard work preparing our club’s fields, improving our amenities, tripling our playing membership and acquiring more competitive USPA sanctioned tournaments we are truly disappointed by the difficult weather we have been suffering through the months of December and January. The amount of rain we have received over the last 6 weeks has been very consistent and heavy and notably very uncommon for this time of year. Although most people don’t regularly check rain gauges, we have been fearfully watching and living by ours, checking the polo fields daily, hoping for a change in fortunes. The main concern is not the rain itself but the soft and unsafe conditions of the fields which have not been receiving enough drying and have remained in a consistently soft condition making them unsafe for the players and horses.

Our playing members have been extremely patient but are actually incredibly frustrated by their lack of playing time. Unfortunately, Wellington has also been hit with the same issues and the International Polo Club Palm Beach has had to cancel its first two Sunday of polo just like us, in addition some high goal teams have been in touch with BG Vero Beach Polo Club, willing to drive 80 minutes to practice with us, but most unfortunately we have been unable to capitalize on the opportunity.

The International Polo Club and others around the country have a standard policy of not refunding rain outs, that is also our policy. We are hugely concerned about satisfying our tailgaters with great polo, camaraderie and amenities and ask you to please bear with us as we get through this difficult period. We have made the 2016 season the longest season ever in Vero Beach with 16 weeks of polo planned, we still have 14 weeks to go and hope you will enthusiastically and stoically look forward to lots of sunny Sunday’s and great polo to come as well as some special events planned throughout these season for all of you who have supported our efforts at BG Vero Beach Polo.

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