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BG Vero Beach Polo – USPA Players Cup February 14th, 2016

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The teams for the UNITED STATES POLO ASSOCIATIONS PLAYERS CUP this Sunday at BG Vero Beach Polo have both legendary international players and the finest from Vero Beach Polo families.

Highlights include:

SHAMROCK. Megan Gracida a member of the legenday Gracida polo family. Local polo patriach…America’s Most Wanted…. John Walsh and the Vero Beach Polo fan favourite…one of the best female polo players in the world – Tiffany Busch….. who started playing at Vero Beach Polo. Sergio Silvestre is the highest ranked player on the team at 3 goals.

SUNSET FARM. Local up and coming players Olivia Johnson & Frank Evans are teamed with 2 goal player Jesus Ontiveros and the British player Adrian Wade..Wadey …who at 4 goals is the highest ranked player in the tournament

SEABREEZE. More players from the UK lead this team with Will & Ray Fine playing positions 1 & 2. Trevor Niznik a young up and coming US player at 3 with 3 goal BG VERO BEACH POLO manager Max Secunda at #4.

XEX will be a team to watch. The young Tognini brothers from Argentina…Noci & Tenzin… at the front with patron Khalid Dasuki from Nigeria looking after the midfield. The last player has yet to be announced. Stay tuned as it will be someone with a 3 goal ranking….

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See you at polo!