Adult and Children’s Polo Lessons are underway!

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Adult and Children’s Polo lessons are underway. We are also offering individual and group lessons. Sessions will be held to accommodate both beginners and advanced players. This year lesson packages will be available for pre-purchase. Polo School will conclude May 31st.

Beginning December 1st. adult lessons/ scrimmages will take place in the afternoons, these lessons will focus time on skills development as well as monitored and coached playing, they will cater to adults only that are transitioning from lessons to playing regular club practices. These afternoon lessons are available to club members only and are tailored to support our students as they move up in their level of play and membership.

This season we will host periodic, “fun matches” to give our students a taste of competition, we will wear our white pants, team shirts, have an umpire, scorer and timer and award ceremony afterwards at the BG Club- house!